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I Have Never...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A little treat... (23 Days)

Connie 1, originally uploaded by dickdnile.

"I Have Never posted a pic of me on stage before."

Here I am back in February. The best part of a bag of flour in my hair. As compere 'Ayrton Lingus' for the cabaret 'Good Grief Connie, It's Amazing.' I was supposed to be Connie's husband.

Yes, I know. Atrocious pun.

Why Ayrton? Well, I thought it could be abbreviated to Ayr.

Yes, another atrocious pun.

I may post a few more if you like this one... just let me know


The Shins:Oh, Inverted World - I returned to this rather beautiful album, following my experience of the rather beautiful film Garden State. Their latest 'Chutes Too Narrow' is pretty good, too.

Highlight:Caring is Creepy

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