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I Have Never...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


"I Have Never had the press attend a rehearsal."

I missed the majority of yesterday's rehearsal. This little thing called work meant that the 1pm-5.30pm slot was an impossibility.

I finished at 4.30 in Leeds and hot-footed it over to Bradford to catch the last half hour. On arriving, there was a stranger in the room with the Director, Writer and cast.

Everyone else seemed to be accepting the fact that this man was sitting here, just watching. Somewhat non-plussed, I sat down with the script and acted as prompt where necessary.

The stranger was out of my field of vision.

At one point, it sounded as though he was snoring. I turned around and frowned, but it proved to be just his normal breathing. I refocussed my attention for the last few minutes of the run through.

It was only when it was over and the stranger had disappeared to the bar with the writer that I asked the question.

"Who was that?"

It turned out to be a journalist for the local paper. Seems as though we're getting noticed...
...for a change.

The Killers:Hot Fuss - Another album that seems to be ubiquitous right now. Truly the Eighties are in vogue with these West Coasters mixing up The Smiths with Duran Duran. Very unsure about the Pink Plastic jacket the lead singer's been sporting, though.
Highlight: Mr. Brightside

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