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I Have Never...

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Late Shift

"I Have Never had to work while the rest of the office attend a social."

It's just after 6.30pm.

Tonight we were supposed to be playing an inter-office game of rounders (for US readers, this is very similar to Baseball). Us against Business Link with whom we share an office.

Yesterday put paid to that. It rained very heavily, and a large tent was erected in the field we had intended to use for our 'event'. Something to do with a Uni Graduate ball...

Plans were hastily re-arranged. It was decided (not by me) that the last bowling night had been so successful that it was a thing to be repeated...

One flaw. Someone needed to do the evening shift.

I'd already agreed to. After all, I thought I was going to be able to watch the rounders match from the office window. Now, the weather and a large marquee had put paid to that. So, down in town, the rest of the staff are at the alley.

I'm here in the office. One Customer Assistant to keep me company.

I knew I didn't like bowling.

"When did you last have to hold the fort whilst others partied?"

Oasis: Don't Believe The Truth - Not as good as I'd hoped (or the reviews I'd read had suggested). Passable Middle of the Road rock. I'll probably listen to it twice then stick it on the shelf, like I have with their last couple of albums.
High(?)light - Current Single Layla... sorry I mean Lyla

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December 21st, 2003.

By Blogger golfwidow, at 11:23 am  

The last time I've had to do something like that was about a month ago - pulling a 12 hr shift from 7pm till 7am on weekends. Weekends!

There should be a law against that ;)

As it was, my shiftmates and I made the most of it by having pizza ordered and watching DVDs. And having an airconditioner fall on us, but that's a tangent I won't go into ;)

By Anonymous Kyris, at 10:24 am  

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