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Saturday, June 04, 2005

House Manager

"I Have Never been a House Manager at the Theatre before."

Last night I got a chance to shadow Iain in his House Manager role. Bradford University Theatre Group (of whom I am vice pres.) were staging Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter.

The House Manager is a much maligned position. Basically,

a) You have to be there first to open up, and last to lock up.
b) You fill in a couple of forms regarding the number of cast/tech/audience. This is predominately in case of fire. However, you just know that the chances of everyone staying in one place if there were a fire are minimal. It's much more likely that half the audience would slope off to the pub.
c) You are the ultimate person in charge of the smooth running of the performance. Therefore, any problems with the cashier or ushers may get referred to you to deal with. If the cast, crew or member of the audience play up, guess who's in the firing line? Yours truly.

Tonight, things ran smoothly. No calamities. All peaceful.

"What's the betting this won't be the case when I do my first proper shift?"

The Stone Roses:The Stone Roses - I'd rate this as my musical awakening. Sure, back in 1989 I'd bought other albums, mostly by the Pet Shop Boys and A-Ha, but this was my first 'proper' album. It will always be special for this reason alone.
Highlight - Bye Bye Badman

2 comment(s):

That's the best album ever!

Ahh... halcyon days.

Shame i'm all grown up now - but at least when i get my iPod i will be able to listen to it again.

By Blogger Taoski, at 4:22 pm  

hahaha nice title, cracks me up home boy!

By Anonymous Wicked Crazy, at 12:52 am  

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