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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

29 Days

"I Have Never started counting down to my birthday."

It started yesterday.

30 Days to my 30th birthday.

20 Things I said I'd do in my twenties and haven't (yet):

1) Go to Glastonbury Festival. Now, I'll be nearly 32 before the next time it's on.
2) Bungee Jump. Hmmm, perhaps a bit too heavy for that at the mo'.
3) See the Grand Canyon. I can do that in my thirties, I guess.
4) Run a marathon. A very short passing fad.
5) Form a band. The time has definitely passed on this one. You can't form a band in your thirties.
6) Apply for Big Brother. No interest in being the 'parent' figure in the house.
7) Spend a weekend in Amsterdam. No, not for the tulips and clogs...
8) Write a novel. What about?
9) Lose 5 stone. Not even close.
10) Skinny dip. Erm... I don't know why.
11) Have a critical and commercial directorial success. Still learning.
12) Give Esko his theatre books back. Small, but important. (They're good books!)
13) Complete the revamp of my flat. I want all the different rooms to be different colours of the rainbow - the kitchen needs to be accessorised in red, and the bathroom in blue.
14) Run a record shop. Retail aspirations have fallen by the wayside with the advent of the internet.
15) Write for a music magazine. I sent off letters to NME and Melody Maker but no dice - now one is defunct, and the other seems childish (even though I still buy it every week).
16) See the Northern Lights. While in an Icelandic spa.
17) Meet 'the one'.
18) Discover my purpose in life. What was I put here to do?
19) Get married. 5 years behind schedule on this...
20) Become a dad. Can't do this without (19) - very old fashioned, I know.

Maybe I could do (12)...

Kings Of Convenience:Quiet Is The New Loud - When I was down about a break up, this album pulled me through. I just love the sound of acoustic guitars chiming together.
Highlight - I Don't Know What I Can Save You From

6 comment(s):

I love your list! :-)

By Anonymous Lou, at 11:42 pm  

Ahoy... matey... jes cuzz ye didneh complete a silly list dusneh mean yer life ain't good... it sounds fine te me... I've wanted te be a pro sports star since I been a child... now look at me... nothin' o' te sort...

By Anonymous captain jeff, at 10:12 am  

well ive done 2 and 3. thats bout it

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