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I Have Never...

Thursday, June 30, 2005

28 Days

"I Have Never analysed a decade."

On a more positive note than yesterday (sort of):-

Things I HAVE done in my 20s

1) Purchased a flat on my own. Only 17 years to go on the mortgage...
2) Owned a BMW. Was that really 3 years ago?
3) Attended the Edinburgh Festival. 4 years in a row, with fifth fast approaching.
4) Drunk a bottle of vodka for breakfast. Maybe not the best way to celebrate completing my degree exams. Lesson learnt - don't shave when drunk.
5) Mixed business with pleasure, and had an affair with the boss's secretary. 3 months of fun.
6) Resigned from same job. 2 years down the line from the affair going sour.
7) Singularly failed at a one night stand. It really should have been just that one night in Bristol.
8) Executive Directed a 3 month season of new writing to minor acclaim.
9) Devised a theatrical flop. It will return...
10) Experimented with hair. By which I mean growing a moustache for one show, then shaving my head a couple of months later for another performance.
11) Mate's Stag Do 1. Been assaulted by a tramp in Barcelona while alone on La Ramblas at 3am.
12) Mate's Stag Do 2. Spent a night in Edinburgh dressed in drag. Lessons learnt -
a) No pockets!
b) Eating with lipstick! Yuck.
c) People get very tactile...
13) Flown out to Istanbul to try and rescue a relationship. Failed, but did see the Spice Girls live.
14) Sung the Millenium in with thousands. Guess where? Edinburgh.
15) Spent six months on 'Gardening leave'. Love that euphemism.
16) Been made redundant the day before pay day due to the company folding. Then a week later secure the same job in the same place for £2,000 more salary.
17) Appeared in Panto. As a randy sultan in Dick Whittington.
18) Get into managing people. Both at work and in my private life with the theatre.
19) Spent a night drinking with The Buzzcocks. Drinking their rider I might add.
20) Started blogging!

What a snapshot.

The Pixies:Bossanova - Part of me wants to see one of their shows now they've reformed. That said, I saw Frank Black solo last year. He was just, y'know, OK. This is a lesser favoured gem.
Highlight - Hang Wire

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Question about #'s 1 and 2:
Did you put the flat on the BMW?
Sorry! Couldn't help it. I'll try to behave.

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WOW! Now THAT's a decade to remember!

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