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I Have Never...

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Wardrobe theft...

"I Have Never suspected a TV pundit of half inching my style."

This is a bit of an odd one.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching the Top 100 Albums on Channel 4. I have this thing about attempting to own as many albums as possible. It's a collecting bug, I guess. Tonight, it turned out I owned 85 of the 100. I was a little disappointed with this, as I'd expected to get over 90, but that's life.

I digress. The reason I mention this is that one of the talking heads was Andrew Collins. He used to write for the New Musical Express, and had been known in the nineties for doing various programmes with Stuart Maconie, a fellow scribe.

A couple of years ago I'd seen him do a show at the Edinburgh Festival with Maconie & another writer. It was a retrospective of their days on the NME. It had been entertaining, but I'd wanted more juicy stories on rock stars, which were unfortunately not forthcoming.

On the top 100 show I was now watching, he was wearing the T shirt I had been wearing in Edinburgh...

I thought it a bizarre coincidence. What were the chances of him wearing that self same, light blue T shirt with "Seven" emblazoned on the front? Not as small as I thought. I'd purchased it at Next - the high street shop. Clearly TV pundits earn less than I thought...

This got filed away in my head, but I thought nothing more about it until tonight.

Tonight there was another 'list' show. The Top TV shows of the last five decades. On Channel 4.

Andrew Collins was, once again, a talking head. He wasn't wearing the T-shirt. Oh no (that must have been in the wash). He was wearing the red hooded top I had worn over the light blue T-shirt... The one emblazoned "Est. 82".

So, I've now established that Collins has two items of clothing that grace my own wardrobe. Two items that I wore simultaneously at a gig he did a couple of years ago.

What's the probability of that happening?

I blame the HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy... Infinite Improbability indeed.

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Dude, you've just had me crying with laughter! wot a freak occurance, that really is too wierd.Incidentally, plz let me know if you find any more estd 82 cothes as I like em too and I can usually only find 84 or 83.Katakus

By Blogger Katakus, at 10:07 pm  

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