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I Have Never...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Spreading the word...

"I Have Never agreed to show someone else how to blog..."

Have put myself in a bit of a spot.

I'd been asked by a colleague to see how much it would cost to hire my mum to take photographs for our new company website. So I called this afternoon.

I explained the situation. While I was on I mentioned that she might want to be updating her website, as it still says copyright 2004.

Forgetting, of course, that my sister's ex boyfriend (who doesn't stay in touch) had been responsible for setting up the website in the first place. With him now absent, she has no-one who would update this without charging.

Mum treats her computer as some sort of animate mythical object. Rather than applying logic to it, there is a vague belief that it has a life of it's own. It needs to be treated like a pet and gently coaxed to do things.

Unfortunately, the last time I used her computer coincided with mum's first experience of 'spam'. She convinced herself that, even though I had been using the computer to check my own email account, this had resulted in porn appearing in her email account. See? Not logical.

I was deeply hurt by this accusation. Partly because it was completely unfounded, partly because I think that if I was stupid enough to search for dodgy pics on her computer, I would have made a decent attempt to cover my tracks...

I'm going over this weekend to celebrate Grandma's birthday.

I'll also be teaching mum how to blog and download pictures.

Wish me luck...

Her parting shot was:

"Oh, you can show me your blog as an example."

I don't know how I feel about this. I've read about other bloggers self-censoring when their family finds their blog. I'm going to have to read through and prepare myself for any revelations.

She may not be curious.

Who am I kidding? It'll be like finding someone's diary open.

I will not be deleting anything, though. I may live in denial, but I won't deny my internal reality.

"What would you do?"

4 comment(s):

I would create a new blog with a couple entries and all set up like a blog that you look at everday.

By Blogger The Light Fantastic, at 5:15 am  

If I had been embarrassed by the content in my own site, I'd probably have said that I'd rather she didn't read it, and shown her other blogs as examples, but I'm not, and she does.

I like having my mom read my writing. It reminds me to practice euphemisms instead of being graphic, which encourages me to be more creative.

If your mother wants to look at blogs by women who have adult children who blog, I know of a few. Most of us help our moms with their blogs. My mom blogs (at

By Blogger golfwidow, at 8:04 am  

I've never intentionally led my family to my blog, but I don't think I'd ever censor it because they might read it.

I'd probably just show it to her, and let things fall where they may!

By Blogger daftkitty, at 4:42 pm  

Well, I did a tiny bit of self-censoring before opening my blog to family. I probably didn't do enough, considering my sibs reaction to the sibling post! It was supposed to be a joke.

By Blogger Anne, at 6:31 pm  

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