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Saturday, May 21, 2005


"I Have Never documented my listening tastes."

Lots of bloggers I stumble across seem to highlight the tunes they choose to soundtrack their surfing. I thought I'd start to do this, too.

Today's listening while wandering around BlogExplosion has been...

Hal - A rather wonder debut album. All sun drenched harmonies. Can't decide whether they are more like Sunflower era Beach Boys or Crosby Stills Nash & Young circa Deja Vu...
Highlight = Play The Hits

Martha Wainwright - Another debut. Rufus's sister and Loudon's daughter. She's chosen to go for a Patti Smith countrified vibe. It works.
Highlight = Bloody Mother F***ing A**hole (her censoring, not mine).

Antony and The Johnsons: I Am A Bird Now - Chamber music hasn't been done with this level of androgyny in a long while. Plenty of guest appearances, including Devendra Banhart, Boy George, Lou Reed & Rufus Wainwright. He gets me from the first track.
Highlight = Hope There's Someone

Hot Hot Heat: Elevator - Canada's finest new wave exponents. Very reminiscent of peak era Elvis Costello and the Attractions. Intensely immediate.
Highlight = Pickin' It Up

I hope you seek them out and enjoy as much as I have.

"What music would you recommend?"

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Man, I discovered Antony and the Johnsons about 3 months ago. I am completely blown away. I had tickets to see them perform in february, but missed the show due to a freak snow storm. Drat. I wanna check out Martha.

By Blogger Kim, at 1:39 am  

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