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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


"I Have Never been able to answer a sports trivia question before."

This seems appropriate as it's the Champion's League Semi Final tonight between Chelsea and Liverpool. I'm not usually an avid football follower (I've only ever been to 3 'soccer' games), but I'm conscious that my work colleague Martyn is. Being a Liverpool supporter, the result tonight is likely to impact his mood for the rest of the week... and thus affect my working environment.

So, fingers crossed for Liverpool.

I was sat in a meeting with Martyn all afternoon discussing work processes. As this is a very dry subject, we took a five minute break midway, and were posed a trivia question:-

"What five English Football teams contain the letter X in their names?"

Any excuse to escape the processes, I plunged into this with gusto. Naturally, I insisted on solving this without electronic aid (ah the joys of the Internet), as this would extend the break...

The first four were relatively easy (which came as a bit of a surprise - I must have taken more football in subliminally than I thought).

Oxford United
Exeter City
Halifax Town

The fifth one had me stumped for a good five minutes, until it was pointed out that it wasn't necessarily the place name. Then it came to me!

Crewe Alexandra!

"What trivia question amuses you? Post it without the answer, and I'll try and solve it."

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Ok try this one :-)
How do you make 10 = 509 ?

By Blogger dom, at 6:49 pm  

If Sri Lanka used to be called Ceylon, and Zimbabwe used to be called Rhodesia, what did Iceland used to be called?

By Anonymous eeore, at 1:28 pm  

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