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I Have Never...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Missing Cast Member

"I Have Never had a cast member disappear."

Today, I was rehearsing for The Cleaners. Iain (the director) was at a wedding, so had left me in charge of proceedings, with the instruction to line run people thoroughly.

One problem. Anthony, who is playing Mo was a No Show.

At the last rehearsal on Thursday he'd not mentioned that he wouldn't be available. Iain was the only person with his phone number, and I didn't want to disturb him (mental image of the church... vicar saying 'If anyone knows any reason why these two cannot be joined in holy matrimony'... Iain's phone goes off...). We just had to continue regardless, skirting around any scenes in which he featured.

I reckon I was cool about it. I didn't show my concern to the rest of the cast. My thoughts were whirring. What if he's dropped out? Who would replace him? (Part of me would quite like a punt at the role myself).

I guess we won't know until Tuesday...

"Have you ever had someone go missing?"

The Clash: London Calling - Continuing in the 'classics' vein from yesterday. One of punk's finest hours. Genre hopping all over the place you can't beat it for sheer raw energy.
Highlight - Death or Glory

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