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I Have Never...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Match

"I Have Never watched an edge-of-your-seat game of football."

Still haven't.

Although I believe there was one last night.

Martyn my work mate is 'made up'. (I think that would be the appropriate scouse term) He has also been intensely hung over.

As I mentioned. I didn't watch it.

Having worked until 8pm, I drove home and flicked on the TV. The match was about 20 minutes in.

AC Milan were winning 1-0.

"Oh well, that's that." I thought.

Stuck a video of the latest Doctor Who in. Watched that instead.

An hour later, I figure I'd best check what the score was.

3-3! How did that happen? (Apparently AC Milan went 3 goals up in the first half, only for Liverpool to claw their way back to a level score in the second half).

Never has that "Game of two halves" cliche seemed so appropriate...

Well, I figured I'd watch extra time. So I didn't miss it entirely.

I saw the Wonder double save towards the end of extra time. I also saw the Liverpool keeper doing a very impresive Bruce Grobelaar impression during the penalties...

Still. It worked. Liverpool collect the European Cup for the 5th time, and get to keep it.

I'm rather annoyed I didn't have a little bit more faith and stick with the match.

Doctor Who was dead scary, though. All spooky gas masks and small children crying for their mummy.

"What sporting moment do you wish you'd seen?"

Bright Eyes: I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning - What superlatives can be used? One of the best albums so far this year. Oh, and heavily used in the show I directed. Despite this, it hasn't lost it's charm.
Highlight - First Day Of My Life

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