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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Final

"I Have Never been as hooked on a job interview."

No. I'm not looking for a new job. I'm happy where I am.

I'm talking about The Apprentice.

Normally I hate stuff which has been copied from American TV. I didn't see the original with Donald Trump, and wild horses wouldn't have dragged me to watch it.

Sir Alan Sugar has intrigued me, though.

Why for so long did he cling to Paul? Ben & Miriam were (in my eyes) clearly better candidates. Sure, Paul was entertaining TV - ducking here, diving there - but could Sir Sugar (What a great nickname that would be... "Hi, I'm Sir Sugar") really have put up with him? I think not.

I thought that Dragon's Den would be the peak of this 'Reality Business' TV genre. How wrong I was.

Will it be Tim or Saira tonight? In an couple of hours we'll know.

I'm nailing my colours to Tim. He's not been much in the limelight during the show, often hidden from view. Could this be because Sugar doesn't want his new recruit over-exposed? I think so.

As for Saira. You have to admire her determination, but she rubbed too many people up the wrong way. It's a cliche, but I'm a firm believer in the old 'be pleasant to people on the way up, because you don't know when you'll need them on the way down'. Sure, she can sell on a ground level. Longer term accounts which require development and buttering up? The jury's out.

Still, I look at those last two paragraphs. Twice as much to say about who I think will lose than who I think will win. Hmmm. I could be wrong.

"Who do you think will clinch it?"

P.S. Apologies for the alienation this may inspire in American readers. Normal denial resumed tomorrow. Oh, then again, perhaps not. It's the General Election.

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