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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Doubling Up

"I Have Never attempted to second guess a General Election."

Woo hoo! Tim won The Apprentice, as predicted here last night. Now let's see if I can get two in a row.

I don't think I'm going out on too much of a limb to say that I think Labour will get their historic third term tonight.

Yes. The Iraq War was a grosse faux pas that has alienated the left of the party. Seriously, though, who else are they going to vote for?

Liberal Democrats? Hmmm, maybe. Charlie Kennedy clearly plans well in advance. Getting your wife to give birth during the run up to the election is no mean feat. On the surface they look like a new option, but having dug deep, I found that they plan to restructure the Department of Trade and Industry. This (theoretically) would put me out of a job as fast as the Conservatives and their tax cuts.

So, Hobson's choice for me.

"How about you other Brits? Over the pond, how much has filtered to you about the election?"

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Hi, am watching the election in an all-night Internet Cafe in Poland - quite exciting actually. Perhaps a hung parliament? I live in hope.

By Blogger culfy, at 2:22 am  

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