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I Have Never...

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


"I Have Never heard such an intriguing reason for missing a rehearsal."

I found out why one of the cast had missed Sunday's rehearsal for The Cleaners today.

He'd been locked up!

He'd gone to Blackpool to celebrate the extended weekend with his mates.
Walked into the wrong pub.
Been surrounded by a group of BNP sympathisers who took umbrage to the fact that he wasn't white.
A scuffle had ensued.
The police arrived and chose to take him and his mates away for a night in the cells.

By the time he was released (with a caution), there was no way he could get back.

I have to say that that is a much more effective excuse than the usual 'I wasn't feeling well' that you expect to be the reason...

"What's the most effective excuse you've ever used?"

John Legend:Get Lifted - Saw this recommended on another blog. A modern take on Marvin Gaye or a male equivalent to what Lauryn Hill did with 'The Miseducation of...'? You decide. I like it.
Highlight: Ordinary People

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