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I Have Never...

Friday, May 20, 2005


"I Have Never been so pleased with a show debrief."

I was expecting a show down.

The 5 main members of the production team for I Have Never sat in the same room for one last time.






Presiding, a very generous Dan, who'd not seen the show but had stepped in to chair in Iain's absence.

We kicked off. I recounted the points I made here a couple of days ago. Pushed for positives, I also highlighted that
a) it was the first time in a long time that the group had attempted a devised piece,
b) some fantastic performances had been drawn out of people unexpectedly, and
c) it boded well for the future that other people were considering the devising process.

Then it was Carl's go. He highlighted his frustrations at not having final say on artistic decisions - a frustration he understood comes with the role of assistant director. It also emerged that the cast had not been truly aware of his role until relatively late in the process.

Emma spoke for both herself and Cat (Cat was making notes). She reiterated the frustration felt, the improvements that could have been made in communication and the difficulty in defining roles - on the one side being producer, offering directorial support, but also (with BUTG Chair head on) being supervisory to the show as a whole.

Johnboy talked about some of the unexpected elements, like the problems with sound recording and the use of flour on stage, which could have been solved earlier 'had we known'.

I listened.

For the most part, I shut up. I retaliated a couple of times, but as minimally as I could muster.

I thought pretty much everything said was harsh but fair. That people can be as honest as they were can only be a good thing.

I look forward to possibly revisiting I Have Never in the autumn.

Fingers crossed it gets through the election process in the next week...

"What has pleasantly surprised you recently?"

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