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I Have Never...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Big Fibber

"I Have Never felt the need to own up to fibbing on my blog before."

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a habitual liar. The vast majority of content you'll find here is 100% true. In fact, I sometimes surprise myself about how honest I tend to be here.

However, I feel I need to set the record straight.

I never bought any eggs.

This might mean nothing to you if you have come to this blog recently. However, when I was in a blog transition stage about a couple of months ago, I claimed to buy a whole load of eggs.

I challenged people to come up with a use for all these eggs that I had 'bought'. The best suggestion proved to be painting with the egg yolk.

I never did it.


It was all a product of my feverish imagination. The show I had been working on for 3 months had been completed (a tad unsatisfactorily) and I was restless. Perhaps a little stir crazy.

Did I expect to shock and engage people with such a bizarre gambit as buying lots of eggs?

Wasn't this a pretty tame opening salvo into the wonderful web world?

What, indeed, was I thinking?

Perhaps it was a metaphor. A birthing thing...

I don't know why I am fessing up either.

I mean, it's not like I've got a regular readership.

(Now if that's not a feeble attempt to get people commenting, then I don't know what is).

All I can ask for is your forgiveness.



For your listening pleasure:-
Belle & Sebastian: Push Barman To Open Old Wounds - Not entirely sure why I bought this. After all, I've got all the EP's that this collection collates. Artwork's hardly reason enough. Still... that's impulse buying for you.
Highlight - Slow Graffiti

7 comment(s):

We're so relieved. We were worried you were going to get sick with cholesterol poisoning. But now we know you're safe.

By Blogger golfwidow, at 8:28 pm  

But I knew it wasn't true. Are you saying we were supposed to believe you?

By Blogger Anne, at 11:55 pm  

If you met me, I expect you'd figure it wasn't outside the realms of possibility...

By Blogger DickN, at 12:14 am  

lol! shame on you, dick. And I really followed your egg storry and believed it

By Blogger hexacontium, at 9:55 am  

What no eggs?? I prefer the term

By Blogger RagDoll, at 10:05 am  

I'm crushed... (**sniff**)

42 lashes with a wet noodle, and a diet of omelettes for a month - that's your punishment!

By Blogger daftkitty, at 2:25 pm  

tisk tisk, atleast you fest up, I mean you are far from the Ranks of George W. who's lies endanger people and he doesn't even admit to them.

By Blogger Benjamin Solah, at 10:33 am  

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