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Friday, May 27, 2005

Big Brother

"I Have Never watched the whole of the start of Big Brother."

This is now an inescapable yearly cultural event in the UK. I usually miss the start, but get dragged into it in week 2 or 3. I thought I'd aim to get a first glimpse and give my first impressions...

AnThony - Midget poser. Full of himself. Deserved the boos he got from the crowd for milking his entrance. Potential to be this year's Jason (i.e. get to near the end).

Craig - A sure fire certainty for an early exit if his audition interviews were anything to go by. Hateful beyond belief. Is it all just show? We'll have to see...

Derek - Conservative, Black and Gay. An intriguing mix. Reminds me of a camp Chris Eubank. A mid table finish?

Kemal - Camp as Christmas. Very entertaining. Turned up to the catwalk in a sari. Loud and likely to have an impact.

Lesley - Part of me wants to support her as she's a Yorkshire lass. Unfortunately, I suspect she'll find herself out of her depth here. Wears very low cut tops and turned up in a plastic nurse's uniform. Another early leaver?

Makosi - Looks like one of those mid seventies big afro'd disco chicks. Bit of a princess. Other than that the jury's out.

Mary - One word... Goth. OK, she's claiming 'white witch' status, but as my sister's a goth I can see one coming a mile off. Could be bonkers. May be odds on to 'walk'. Hope she doesn't...

Maxwell - Cockney geezer. First impressions were that he could grab the 'man of the people' vote. However, that fast street talk persona could grate by the half way mark.

Roberto - Italian. Likes cooking. Will be a hit with the girls. Keeping his head down a bit.

Sam - Painted as a sexaholic in her pre-entry blurb. Is that the real her? Or is it a persona designed to get her into the house. Middle class, and a mid table exit.

Saskia - Being a bit of a lefty on the sly, she's totally lost me with her comments about immigrants 'all wanting to kill us'. If she's that outspoken in the house, there could be fireworks. Eye candy, but vacant.

Science - From my home city of Leeds, so naturally he's my early favourite. Strikes me that he could quite easily be a rogue member of the Black Eyed Peas...

Vanessa - Sharp of tongue, and even describes herself as shallow. Apparently forming a bond with Craig already. It could be the new Narinda & Brian...

So there they are. 13 wannabes. We'll see who falls first...

"Who do you want to win?"

My Morning Jacket: It Still Moves - On a bit of a country music tip at the mo' (maybe to make up for my UK-focussed posts of the past couple of days). Maybe not their best album, but alt-country hero jim james knows his way around a tune and guested on 'I'm Wide Awake...'
Highlight - One Big Holiday

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Hello there, I was just about to post about Big Brother, then surfing through the blogs I came across yours and am going to link to you instead, I hope you don't mind.

By Blogger Scott, at 12:53 pm  

Hello Just thought I would say hello to you. You have a very intresting site :)

By Anonymous Kendra, at 11:37 pm  

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