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Monday, May 02, 2005

Bank Holiday Away Day

"I Have Never been to Middleham Castle."

I'd proposed this at last week's theatre group meeting. A magical mystery tour out into Yorkshire. A randomly selected place of interest. It had received little enthusiasm.

Therefore, it was somewhat of a surprise to discover that we had two car loads of people appear outside the theatre this morning at 10.30am. Carl, Gilli, Niall, Chris and new girlfriend Jackie.

I'd decided that I was interested in searching for a castle. It had been a while since I'd been to a castle. The group concurred. We set off, Carl tailing me.

Expecting it to take only an hour and a half to reach, I had underestimated the 'Sunday Driver' nature of Bank Holiday traffic. A couple of hours in, and we decided to stop in Ripon for lunch. The cafe was OK, but not worth writing home about (or describing in any more detail here).

We then continued our trek, arriving near Middleham around about 1.30-2pm. I had become intrigued by a couple of signs that had advertised the 'Forbidden Corner'. Principally, this was because my mother had raved about the place after she had visited it, and suggested I seek it out. Here, purely by chance, it was near the castle I had intended to visit.

Surely this was a sign? I thought we should change our plans and visit this forbidden place. However, I was to be thwarted. On the signs, it explained that you had to 'book' before arriving. You could book in the local grocer's store. I strolled into the shop and enquired of the girl behind the counter how this could be achieved. She gestured to a back room and said 'The phone's in there. Just pick it up and someone will answer.'

Curiouser and curiouser...

There was a phone. It was answered instantly.

"Hello, The Forbidden Corner?"
"Oh Hi. I was interested in coming to visit the place with 5 of my friends today..."
"Sorry, I'm afraid we're fully booked. Goodbye!"

...and that was it. No explanation. Nothing.

Deflated, we resorted to our original plans. I was already considering revisiting the corner on next month's Bank Holiday...

The castle was fine. Your usual ruin, but on a pretty grand scale. Home (for a period) of my namesake Richard III. An hour or so was spent crawling in and out of holes, discovering latrines at every turn. I left with my castle desire sated (but my Forbidden Corner interest peaked).

It took even longer to get back to Bradford. We were late for the meeting. I had to apologise to the chair...

"Have you ever been to The Forbidden Corner...?

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I haven't had the opportunity to visit a castle as they're not a big thing in Australia.



By Blogger Clublint, at 9:49 am  

Can't say that I have... darn it!

By Blogger daftkitty, at 5:52 pm  

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