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I Have Never...

Friday, May 13, 2005


"I Have Never looked forward to a Formal Ball less."

I predict that tonight is going to suck.

I base this on three things.

a) Only nine of the theatre group are attending. Everyone else will be either from BUSOMs (Bradford University Society for Operettas & Musicals) or BUMS (Bradford University Musical Society). Their humourous acronyms are about as funny as they get...

b) I am going to a work event tomorrow in York, so won't be able to drink to excess.

c) I don't even remotely fancy any of the attendees.

Last year's Performing Society Ball was so different...

a) There must have been about 20+ of the theatre group there. This led to all manner of gossip. One of the female members of the group had an utter wobbler and ran around like a loon threatening to take her own life (purely to gain attention for herself). A couple of relationships collapsed in a mess and one or two were initiated...

b) I drank to excess. Towards the end of the night someone put on "You can leave your hat on" by Tom Jones. I found myself on the stage with a fellow theatre group member... we both were chucked sailor's hats... Let's draw a veil over the ensuing proceedings... (suffice to say we didn't quite do the Full Monty)

c) My interest in an old flame was rekindled. (I say old flame - we were never an item, but I lusted after her extensively) I'd not seen her for a year or so as she'd completed her degree and moved back over the pennines. Tonight we sat and chatted in depth. Agreed that any differences we might have had were behind us. Danced up a storm...

I don't know what it is about dancing. There is something profoundly carnal about it, however proficient you are. That night, in my head, I was Astaire and she was Rogers. Busby would have been proud. We whirled and span. Tango'd. Polka'd. The works.

It didn't amount to anything.
It never does.
I returned to the ornate hotel room upstairs alone.
For a couple of hours, though, I was on cloud nine...

"How can I spice up proceedings this evening?"

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Get semi hammered till you see someone that kind of dances like Rogers and you're good to go.

Drink lots of water before going to bed. No hangovers. I promise.


By Blogger Clublint, at 10:52 am  

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