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Monday, May 09, 2005

Art History

"I Have Never wondered about the nature of early art."

Watched a fascinating programme tonight on TV (BBC2 Mondays 9pm).

It suggested that the reason earliest man's sculpture tend to represent the female form as this, is down to a uniting elemental need to exaggerate that which is important to it.

The programme explained this by way of seagulls, who tend to peck at their mother's beak when they are hungry. It has been shown that they are responding to the red spot on the beak. This can be replicated by taking a yellow stick with a piece of red tape attached. Still, the baby seagulls peck, not realising that this is merely a representation replacing the real thing. What is even more peculiar is that when they are offered a yellow stick with 3 pieces of red tape attached, their pecking becomes even more frenzied, and they will ignore a stick with only one piece of tape placed alongside.

Hence exaggeration is proved in nature. Thus, an unnatural tendency to emphasise certain parts of the female torso, while ignoring others is born.

Still, it occurs to this day. We need only look at Lara Croft's popularity...

"In a similar situation today, what part of your body would you exaggerate?"
(there, feel a little more justified to be in the arts sector again. Was lapsing into personal diary territory...)

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