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Monday, April 11, 2005

A weekend of activity.

“I Have Never taken part in a sweepstake.”

It was the Grand National this weekend. The biggest horse race in the UK. One of my colleagues, Garry, organised a sweepstake. I picked three horses at £1 a go. They were:-

  • Amberleigh House – 16/1 Last Year’s winner.
  • Monty’s Pass – 33/1 A winner from a couple of year’s earlier.
  • Double Honour – 25/1 Not a winner.

40 Runners meant a jackpot of £40. Having watched most of the Royal Wedding on telly, I was now ready for some gambling action.
There were various mutterings about Monty’s Pass being a bit lame in the pre race build up. This didn’t bode well.
4.10pm and they were off! Lots of mention of Double Honour early on… until he fell.
No mention of Amberleigh House…
Monty’s Pass mentioned a couple of times…
The favourite, Hedgehunter, won. Best placed of my pack was Amberleigh House in 10th place.
Who won the sweepstake? Why, Garry, of course…
I think there must be some sort of gambling lesson in there somewhere.

“I Have Never rowed on the River Nidd.”

I was at a loose end on Sunday. Gilli, a mate of mine, sent me a text saying that she was bored and wanted to do something. I suggested going to see Mother Shipton’s Cave in Knaresborough (go to for more…).
On arrival, I discovered that it used to be part owned by the magician Paul Daniels. This amused me greatly, as I had once met the diminutive gent at a fete in Ruislip, and had sold him a cake.

  • We wandered through the woods,
  • looked in the cave,
  • observed things being petrified,
  • made a wish in the well, and
  • visited the museum (which resembled Mr. Daniels stature in it’s size).

This left us with time to spare, so after having sat briefly in a pub beer garden, we were up for discovering a fresh activity. I suggested hiring a boat…
At £3 for an hour (each), this proved to be an absolute bargain. It was decided (mainly by Gilli) that I row. I’d not been in a small boat like this for ages. The last time I could remember was when, as a teenager, I had been punting with my parents in Oxford. The hour flew by. Gilli called her parents and played ‘Guess what I’m doing’. Meanwhile, I navigated two laps up and down the river, forging a neat figure of eight pattern around the train viaduct and road bridge. There appeared to be a multitude of chavs mucking about on boats, but I succeeded in avoiding any collisions with them, or indeed the riverbank.
Satisfied, but aching, we eventually disembarked. My left leg and bumcheek had become numb, but otherwise we were pretty much unscathed… if a bit wet (oar splash back etc. etc.).

So, that’s the weekend’s activity. Still no egg painting. A recommended film to see is Intacto ( Watched it Saturday morning and found it visually stunning.
Thanks to everyone for the complimentary comments that keep getting posted. It’s all appreciated. I’m not entirely sure what blogrolling or syndicating are, though. Could you explain golfwidow (oh, and have you ever met any of the Fawlty Towers cast)?

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I have never met anyone famous from Great Britain.

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