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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Very Quiet At Work

"I Have Never had to train on a new phone system before."

Yes, I know this is not the most exciting 'I Have Never'. AMCAT have come in ( I'm going to be in training all day with them. I have no underlings to keep me entertained.

I've decided to get the egg painting done at the weekend. I'll let people know the results next week... (Hope the eggs don't go bad - how long does it usually take?)

I can't believe I thought Chez was a first name. Doh! Here was me imagining Che Guevara... As to the question of how long you should allow for rehearsals, well it depends. These questions need to be answered first.

  • What production team do you have in place? Producer? Technicians? Designer?
  • How long a play is it? 30 minutes/1 hour/3hours?
  • Is it an established text, or are you devising the show from scratch?
  • What's the language like? Easy/difficult?
  • How many actors are in the play?
  • How experienced are your actors? Amateur/Non-Professional/Professional?
  • How well do your actors know each other, i.e. are you going to have to establish 'trust'?
  • How often are you going to be able to rehearse? Every day, or evenings & weekends?
  • How soon (and often) can you get into the performance space?

I could go on. The bottom line is that it varies tremendously. Too much time and you will arrive at the finished product too early, leaving the actual performances feeling stale. Too little time and the product won't be finished...

In my (limited) experience, I'd say six weeks. However, local amateur groups take six months to put on a big show, while I've known professionals to put together a piece in a couple of weeks.

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Dear dear Ric N.
I need to answer first these questions...
1. In France, we can make a play first even without production...
2. The play is one hour and 10 minutes.
3. I wrote the play and all the lines are written.
4. I have 6 actors. One is professional, three are non-professionals but good actors. The two others I don't know because I'm still looking for them...
5. I can work with them three evenings each week and also the weekend.
I plan to play 40 times in a private theatre in Paris during November and December. If I begin to work with the actors since August, do you think it too fast?
Anyway, I have to thank you to spend time to read and answer my words. Very kind of you. If I really make it, hope that you can come to Paris to see it !

By Blogger Chez Buzenval, at 4:30 pm  

Eggs last a long time in the shell, with refrigeration.

But they really don't act well, even with rehearsal, and are horrible at taking direction.

This is why no egg has ever been the recipient of a Tony award.

By Blogger daftkitty, at 6:11 pm  

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