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I Have Never...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Purposefully approaching a Traffic Cone at 90 Miles Per Hour...

"I Have Never been as exhilarated behind the wheel of a car."


I had to write about this as soon as I got home. What a day.

I got up at 6am. Drove to pick up my boss Charlotte and colleague Jeremy, who were due to join me on the driving day.

Drove another hour up towards Darlington, where Croft Race Course is. We were half an hour early and it was raining.

Anyone who knows anything about driving knows that rain is not the best condition to drive in...

We went to sign up, show our licences etc, only to discover that there was no record of us. Where we thought it was going to be a networking event for a range of AMCAT customers, it turned out that it was to be just the three of us being treated by their racing team, while other members of the public drove their luxury cars around us. Naturally, this made us feel considerably more special.

The morning remained overcast. Conditions were not best for someone who had last seen a racing track upside down. My first drive was decidedly shaky. The gear stick of the souped up Fiesta we were to spend the majority of the day driving was very sensitive. I succeeded hitting 4th instead of 2nd gear on various occasions. Lotus's (Loti? What is the plural of Lotus?) & Lamborghinis sped around me. My driving support was vey understanding.

After lunch, we had the chance to be a passenger in a racing car. By this time, the clouds were starting to clear, the course drying out. The speeds went up. Motors all around were firing loudly.

I got my second run as driver as the sun began to come out.
What a drive!
Our driving support was more than supportive, and somehow really broke down my normal safety barriers. How? Mainly by grabbing the steering wheel from the side and directing me at various cones around the course, while commanding in my ear "Put your foot down!"
Over a mere three or four laps of the course, I must have improved my lap time by a remarkable amount.

I've said it once and I'll say it again.


More please. Soon. Thanks to all involved.

"What has recently succeeded in making your heart beat twice it's normal pace?"

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Just make sure you keep all that speed on the racetrack dikkie boy :)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:54 am  

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