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I Have Never...

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Nose back to the grind stone...

"I Have Never played such a pathetic Ten Pin Bowling game."

My lack of a post yesterday was purely out of drunkeness.

It being pay day, one of my colleagues had organised a night out. I'd had every intention to get home relatively sober and post at the end of the night. This didn't happen because I was feeling decidedly morose.

About 15 of us had signed up to go bowling. However, we were not booked in until 9pm. What to do between 5pm and 9pm? Of course! Retire to a local hostelry. Three or four pints later and it was time to go to the alley.

I've not been to this particular place before. First impressions were that it was a bit dingy. I played a game of pool with one of the customer assistants. The fact that I lost both frames should have warned me that tonight was not going to be a winner. A little too much alcohol had definitely impinged on my focus...

The lanes were now ready for us, so we got changed into our bowling shoes. The security guard who the place employed was a bit of a muppet - he ordered us to change shoes somewhere else, away from the front entrance, because we were 'Making the place look a mess'. A fine bit of customer service, if ever there was one. I finished putting my shoes on where I was, but he had deeply irritated me. Not the right mood at all to start bowling.

For the rest of the evening, this self serving jobsworth proceeded to give us grief at regular intervals, ordering us to be careful with our drinks etc. etc. I was ready to complain by the end of the night, but it turned out that one of our party knew the owner of the venue, and had complained to him direct. Suffice to say, it's unlikely the security guard will be in that job much longer.

This imbecile was not my soul source of dissatisfaction, though. My bowling was appalling. Now, I'm not a bowling king by any means, but I usually get over 100 and have been known to reach 140.

Tonight was not one of those nights.

Tonight my highest score was 72.


I could blame various things...

a) The security guard.
b) The fact that by the time I was bowling I'd drunk 5 or 6 pints.
c) The lack of sleep I've had this week.

All feeble excuses. However, the one I can't shake is the pain in my wrist.

It's been getting worse over the last couple of weeks. I blame overuse of a mouse. There's this continual dull ache in my right wrist, which naturally intensified eah time I attempted to lift a heavy bowling ball. My aim was predominately erratic because each time I stepped up to bowl I got a shooting pain up my arm...

Some people will probably say, 'Yeah right, you just can't face the fact that you were beaten by the majority of your employees, the majority of whom are female.' Well, I can't deny that my pride was considerably punctured last night. Even so, I really should go to the doctors and get my wrist checked out.

Of course, being in Denial, I'm not actually registered with a doctor...

I'll probably just put up with the ache and hope it goes away.

Typical 'bloke' behaviour.

One things for certain, I won't be going bowling again anytime soon.

"When did you last have your pride punctured?"

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When I realized that the worst thing you've ever done to feel guilty is to skip a day posting in your journal, whereas I have skipped weeks on end just from jonesing for cigarettes or being mad at the webhosts.

By Blogger golfwidow, at 2:37 pm  

OK, well I may have exaggerated... slightly. ;-)

By Blogger DickN, at 2:54 pm  

You could switch your mouse to the left (you may have to buy a symmetric mouse to do this). I'm a lefty, but we have our mouse on the right side. It takes very little time to master, and would only be a problem for someone who does art with their computer.

By Blogger Anne, at 2:17 am  

I have never seen such an interesting blog. :-)

By Blogger Deepu George V, at 7:06 pm  

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