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I Have Never...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Got Blogmarked! Despite my bog standard blog.

"I Have Never been Blogmarked before."

Ta to daftkitty. I'm going to try and make some 'egg art' this evening. Now, what can I paint that's yellow? Thinking caps on...

Oh, and Gail's right, my grammar in the last post was totally wrong. My dad has not been 60 before. It was his first time yesterday. Knowing his love of hiking, my sister suggested we go for a walk. We ended up at Mam Tor ( Now I'd been here many times before as a kid, but 'I Have Never' realised that this used to be an Iron Age fort.

We walked about 10 miles as the crow flies. Unfortunately, this involved a lot of ascending and descending (which I'm pretty sure crows don't have to do...). Today, I'm aching pretty extensively. Any solutions to deep seated muscle trauma?

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