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I Have Never...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


"I Have Never had to dry a bathroom with a hairdyer."

Lost my point a bit in last night's post. Think I'll try and keep this short and sweet.
One of the comments I got today reminded me of a story from when I first got my job with the big American Chemical Company.

This was pre Emma. I was seeing a girl called Sonia. She'd moved into my flat down near London two or three weeks after we'd started seeing each other (don't ask... this is not that story). I, hot thrusting salesperson that I was, had been tasked with going up North for a couple of days, leaving her alone in the flat for the first time.

She'd asked me to ring her when I got to Leeds...

Now having studied in this fair city, many of my uni mates still lived here. In fact, I think I was staying at one of their houses. As soon as I got there we were down the pub, me treating my skint mates to a round. My promise of a call was long forgotten.

It hit me as I was driving back down the motorway the next day. Doh! Was I going to be in hot water when I got home. I stopped at a service station and purchased a token of apology - a green, fluffy frog shaped thing. I figured that, although it wouldn't stop me getting an ear bashing, it might reduce it's duration.

Yet, when I got home, what did I find? Not a raging, livid banshee, but someone in floods of tears, all apologetic.

We went into the front room, and I sat Sonia down. She started to explain how, as I was away, she'd decided to have a soak in the hot tub. She'd turned the taps on and, just as it was starting to run, the phone rang. It turned out to be a friend she'd not spoken to for a while. She'd perched on the sofa and got into a bit of a natter...

I'd not looked into the bathroom as I came in. Sonia led me there now. The bathroom floor was soaked. She'd been in tears because she was scared that I would lose it. She'd rung her parents. I think her mum had come over during the day to help her with a hairdryer, but still the carpet was saturated.

I just laughed. Here we both were, thinking that we'd both messed up. Expecting the worst. Each as bad as the other.

I gave her the frog thing. Told her not to worry, it would dry out eventually. Apologised for not calling.

It lasted about three months.

Why does it seem that my relationships hit the buffers after three months?

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thanks for dropping by!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:46 am  

Mine were all more like 1 month, except for this one which is over 20 years now!

Too high expectations? Just a possibility.

By Blogger Anne, at 2:13 pm  

That's just about when all the pheromones run out.

By Blogger dorna!, at 2:42 am  

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