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I Have Never...

Friday, April 08, 2005


"I Have Never had to rewrite a post."

How annoying. Wrote it. Went to publish. Then a blank page...
Curse you! My erudite text is forever lost.

Well, I'll try to replicate it...

"I Have Never had to explain my pseudonym."

I got into a chat on the ShoutBox at yesterday. I was asked why I had chosen the moniker dickdnile...

Well, my christian name is Richard. For years I have been known by my mates as Ric. However, I have decided to reclaim the D word (well if people can reclaim the C word and the N word...). Richards around the world need no longer be tied to a hefty two syllable name.

As for D'Nile. It's an anagram. I could have chosen D'Lien (sounds a bit like Lion - Richard the Lion... been done before), or D'Line (the last thing I do is tow the line...). Instead, I quite like being in Denial. Face it, if you deny it's existence, it's inactivity becomes less of an issue ;-)

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"Better living through denial," an excellent personal slogan.

By Blogger daftkitty, at 2:07 pm  

I have learned to press Control-A and copy my text before clicking on 'publish'. If I get in a bind I can set the text in notebook (Don't use MS Word) and get it again when things have settled down and working again.

By Blogger prying1, at 3:45 pm  

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