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I Have Never...

Thursday, March 17, 2005


"I Have Never had a comment on my Blog before."

Today I got two. This Blog explosion thing must kinda work.

Granted, one of the posts was pretty much the equivalent of Spam, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

The other... 'Hitchhiking around Europe...' I Have Never done that, but I do have to hold down a full time job. I'm pretty booked for holidays this year already:-

  • Tomorrow I'm off to the National Student Drama Festival for a week. Hope it'll give me some tips as to where I Have Never didn't quite work. Might mean that posts are rather infrequent. Check out my other blog for my progress...
  • In the summer I'll be making my usual pilgrimage to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Two weeks of Comedy/Theatre/Drinking etc. etc.
  • That only leaves a couple of weeks for Christmas.

Maybe the hitchhiking thing could be next year. Or when I retire.

Any other suggestions out there? What have you never done?

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What I've never done? Thousands of things. What I did? Traveling a lot. I guess if I had enough time I would book a trip to Mongolia immediately. Seriously, if you want to visit Europe I'd do it now, otherwise you'll probably never will. First you're busy with your studies, then you work too hard and need to earn money, then there's kids wanting to be taken care off, then you feel too old.. and there's always an excuse for not doing it.

Just my two cents,

By Blogger hexacontium, at 2:51 pm  

Thanks for blogmarking me on blogexplosion, I haven't had chance to read your blog yet as I'm going to bed cos of an early seminar so I'll check it out tomorrow.

Thanks again.

By Blogger Bone, at 12:52 am  

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