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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Plot - Monday 7th

Production week. Posts for this period are likely to be considerably shorter, considering that every night I'm to be in the theatre...

I got to the Mill at 5.40 ish. I'd had a rubbish day. Late into work because I needed to sort out my car window getting fixed. Early finish from work to actually go and get it finished. An hour and a half waiting for the window to be replaced.

The Theatre Group Exec meeting was subdued. The meeting itself was negligible as the cast were away working with Carl and Emma. Emma had had to fight for our rehearsal room back from the Hustings for the Uni Elections.

I chaired the meeting. It lasted about half an hour despite the handful of people. Libby kindly took notes.

I had booked out this evening for the plot of the lights with Johnboy. I got Cat to collect the various colours the guys were going to be wearing (have I mentioned costume? I'm not sure. Just in case, the plan is to have the whole cast predominately in black, with one item of clothing a specific colour, eg red, orange, yellow etc.). Also, Emma and Cat did producer duty of heavying people for audience numbers. We're a bit thin on the ground at the moment.

I ate my tea while waiting for John to be ready. We assessed and realised that the initial seating plan was not feasible, because the space wasn't wide enough to accomodate the seating rigs at an angle. This meant that we ended up with the seating rig in a Christie In Love configuration (ie the two rigs at 90 degrees to each other, leaving a much smaller performance space).

I popped in to see the cast while the rig got moved. Everything was moving along, so I returned to the space.

John then set up 3 lights from above which were to focus down onto the Trivial Pursuit Pie set, one white, one red and one blue. These alternated/mixed looked really good. We set up a small spot for the shoes at the end, which just fell inside the larger circle of light. I imagined other places this could be used...
As the spot where Raf drops the note in Becky's story.
As a representation of the lump in Anne's breast.

It was now almost 10pm. John informed me that he would work on completing set, and the various other lights required, namely
A general cover.
A dark blue cover for night scenes.
4 floor lights, 2 Purple, 2 Green.
2 rectangular areas in front of the two seating rigs.
A shaft of light out towards the entrance for the audience. (Walking into the light etc. etc.)

I thought he'd have his work cut out.

Went back up to see the cast. Everyone looked exhausted. I was in no fit state to provide an energy boost.

I was asked to help out overnight with set building/light rigging. I felt bad, but said no. After the last two days' activities I needed to recharge my batteries...

I was in bed by 11.07pm. The first time I've gone to sleep before midnight in ages.

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