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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


The after show party got a bit messy. Least said, soonest mended...

- Did the get out.
- Got feedback from Iain in the way he would have given an NSDF entrant feedback.
- Had a drink at The Mill bar
- Went up to the Courtyard and had a couple more drinks. Pretended to play an invisible digeridoo.
- Went on to The Melborn. Spent a long time outside in the cold on my own. Needed some space.
- Went onto Anne's house.
- Spent much of the night chatting with Cheryl.
- Lots of people copped off with each other.
- Ended up somewhere near Otley.

Sunday was pretty much written off. Had lunch in Bradford with Amanda, Carl, Nicki, Emma & Duncan popping in. I took Cheryl back to the bus station and sent her on her way back to Cardiff.

Monday night was feedback time at the Theatre group meeting. The show elicited the following responses from 9 audience members (I wish I could coherently explain why this amuses me), 2 Cast and the 2 Directors...

1) Very good. I know what I like - like what I see. This was something that didn't exist 4 months ago. Actors/tech did a good job in the space of time. Couldn't see the doorway section, though.

2) Good bits. Liked the intro/crush. Good stories collected. Raf's stood out, as well as Chris & the flour. Weaknesses, it was bitty and had continuity issues. Felt there was no connection? Just fragments. Some movement worked, others didn't. Sharks got a tick, breast a cross. Nice music & good programme, though.

3) Agreed with Dave. Incredibly ambitious show. Could have done with a 'thread'. Use of seating rig was interesting. Some bits too long. For example, liked the salsa dancing, but it was TOO LONG. Great to see such a size cast. Well done.

4) Cast were fantastic. An older woman that Libby spoke to found it hard to relate to because of the drinking game subject matter.

5) There were moments where I couldn't see. E.g. what came out of the box? Difficult to tell at all times. Some scenes were good, but too long. Loved the sea anemone, Liked Nicki but she could have been the 'thread'. Chris's scene was the highlight. Michelle and her texting in the audience proved distracting. Overall, really nice. Was sceptical when this was first proposed, but overall well done.

2) Like football, sometimes it was hard to see what was going on. People had to stand at the back to see.

6) Started very nice but went down hill. Swimming with sharks good, but missed sea anemone. Becky's scene took a moment to see what was going on. Voices became boring. Text messages - was hoping for a point, but there wasn't one? Shh? Tell me? Can't fault performances.

7) Has the basis of a very very good show. The directors had drawn good performances, but there was too much material. Stories were strong. Too much concept, not enough theatre. Not really enough to look at. Some wonderful pieces. There was a desire to create a story narrative, but instead could have looked at a musical theme throughout. Left going what was that about? Didn't SAY anything. Needs less material & expanding that. What are the emotional connections? The kitchen sink was thrown at it. Fantastic ideas, though. Much rather see a magnificent failure than a safe success.

3) Needs work if we're to take it to NSDF, but it would be a shame to just pack it away.

1) I liked the format... Nicki was brilliant in the 'cancer dancing'.

5) At the end, the music & words were good. Didn't know where it had finished. Somehow could it all be tied in at end, instead of just a black out. Nice to have a visual cue. Possibly the shoes?

6) Pathology of memory, where did it go?

8) At the time I didn't notice these problems. Maybe I haven't got the same amount of knowledge. I was entertained. I'd not been sure what to expect. It seemed obvious that the stories were real in origin. Some bits were absolutely brilliant. One to remember was Chris. A different cast will have different stories.

2) I Will Never... might make ending. This could have been made more of.

9) Physical theatre stuff. Nicki - what was that about?

4) Drew comparisons with the Lad Lit Project. LLP worked where IHN didn't, but there were similarities.

5) Would smaller cast have worked? 4 instead of 11?

7) It worked when it was at it's most simple.

6) Chris's was a solo piece for example.

1) Didn't Nicki represent the tumour?

CAST A) Enjoyed performance less than the process. The cast were far closer knit than any of the other shows so far. For example, I didn't know Becky after Off The Page, but did in I Have Never. My fave story was Becky's, while Sidrah and Raf's you wanted to make work well.

CAST B) I Have Never done anything like this. Found it interesting. How were we going to do this with lots of people? It was very close knit.

4) Becky's worked really well.

RIC: Thank you.

4) Well done, production team.

3) Good working light on a white background.

CARL: Full marks to the cast. Not worked with a better one. If any gripes it's not the cast's fault...


Ste, my best mate in Glasgow, had not been able to come and see the show.
I'd been quite short in an email to him the middle of last week.
"I'll have to audition for a new best mate" was the gist.
He floored me with his explanation.

"I've just got enagaged".

He sent me the following weblink
It must have been a quiet news day on Thursday...

I got another card from him and Liz yesterday, wishing me Good Luck with the show.

Darn Royal Mail.

Maybe this isn't the end for I Have Never after all...

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