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Sunday, March 13, 2005

2nd Performance - Saturday 12th

After last night's show I'd gone out with a couple of people in Leeds. Cheryl had come all the way from Cardiff to see the show, because towards the end of last year I'd done the reverse journey to see a Comedy night that she'd put on. Initially she was going to bring her boyfriend, but he couldn't come, so instead she'd invited her friend Hannah along, who came from Sheffield.

We'd been to Milo opposite the Corn Exchange. We spent most of the night at The Reform (best night out in Leeds - full stop). I drank some cocktails. We talked about all sorts, mainly the fact that Cheryl had been seeing her bloke for seven weeks and he was already talking about marriage (well, he's only 19). We also covered the fact that Hannah was attracted to people 'who looked like Hobbits, with their features congregated in the lower part of their face and a wet look perm'.

I woke up with a bit of a sore head at 9.09am. Today I would have to get the cast & crew pressies...
First, the three of us had a fry up (or just toast for Hannah).
Then, we popped into Headingley. I got some jelly babies and gold spray paint.
You've heard of the Oscars and the BAFTAs, well I do the BUTGAs, which basically involves combining these two basic ingredients to produce mini (NON-Edible) statuettes.
By 12.33 we were off into town. Hannah was heading back to Sheffield as she had work to do. I purchased the following:-
11 Sparkly boxes plus crepe paper (in which to put the babies and wrap them with)
A gold pen (to write in the boxes and on the cards)
3 Thank you cards for Carl, Emma & Cat
3 Slinkys for the tech team.
2 Squeaky toys for the producers.
1 Copy of Labyrinth for Carl on DVD - Well, it's his favourite movie...
On a whim, once this was all put together, me & Cheryl went to the circus. It was a bit of escapism, that took my mind off things.

At last it was time to go over to Bradford. I picked up Dunc.
Set up a sofa in the Wardrobe at The Mill so that Cheryl could get 40 winks.
Talked to the tech about the couple of lighting changes.
Gave the cast the following notes...

Pacing - Pass The Parcel needs to be passed around faster. Also Becky's story need to move forward by people handing over the note earlier...
Dancing - This section people needed to define the moment when they turned out to the audience more.
Ending - We were to go to black at the end, and no-one was to come back on stage until the audience started clapping (it had looked really weird when the cast had come back on and no-one clapped).

I asked Carl to do the warm up, then went to the foyer. I was considerably more nervous tonight. Iain was going to give me an honest assessment of the piece. I made small talk with people, but my heart was not in it. I should probably have kept myself occupied by doing the warm up, but I'd wanted to give Carl that opportunity.

Again, I'll leave it to the audience to pass comment. The theatre was pretty full this evening.

I got Iain's feedback. I got feedback from another stalwart of the theatre - Colin. I probably didn't respond in the best way.

How would I describe my feelings?

Crestfallen. In most people's eyes, this was 'just another show'. It was not great. It was OK. This was not the next best thing, yet.

I don't deal with failure well.

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