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Saturday, March 12, 2005

1st Performance - Friday 11th

So the day had finally arrived.

I was pretty happy at work. I did an induction session with three new starters and finished work early.

On the way over I picked up Duncan.
When we arrived at the Theatre, I had a final check over the re-recorded sound sections/lighting with Jon & John.
I had a brief 1 to 1 chat with Sidrah, as I wanted to ensure that she was happy with her story.

Before I knew it, it was warm up time. I got the cast up and in the space for 7pm.
I started by doing a pass the pulse around the circle. Squeeze someone's hand to your left, and wait for that hand squeeze to get back to your right hand.
We then briefly played Zip Zap Boing, but this proved a bit ropey, as people knew different rules. I felt that reteaching this now would just distract, so moved on to doing a full scale Hokey Cokey... for Raf's sake.

You put your (left leg/right leg/left arm/right arm/whole self) in,
Your (body part) out,
In, out, in, out, shake it all about.
You do the hokey cokey and you turn around.
That's what it's all about.
Woah... Hokey Cokey Cokey
Woah... Hokey Cokey Cokey
Woah... Hokey Cokey Cokey
Knees bend, arms stretch, Ra, Ra, Ra!

Repeat with next body part.

This had everyone warm, and bizarrely my accent reverted to that of a cockney barrow boy (my Essex roots must be showing).

I also wanted to work on projection. With this in mind, I got each cast member to run the diagonal of the space one by one. When they had reached the furthest point, they were to then project their line back to the group, who would applaud in an extreme fashion. Therefore, not only did people have to say their line loudly, but they got a positive response for it.

I made some general statement of how much I had enjoyed working with them as a cast. How good I felt the show was, and that they were all great (I'm paraphrasing considerably, but it was basically positive, and I was out of puff). I left them in the space, then headed down to the foyer.

My parents had arrived, along with my sister and her boyfriend. I chatted with them a bit, but circulated around in general, stopping to chat with Mike Stewart amongst others. Michelle was wandering around the foyer encouraging people to record what they had never done. However, she needed a bit of encouragement to break the ice with people, so I concentrated on this for a while, too. She had also been tasked with obtaining people's phone numbers so she could text people during the show. When it was time for the audience to go up, she had only collected 2 numbers, though.

Carl made the announcement. It was rather muffled by the crowd, so no-one was aware that there would be a Q & A session after the show. This was no bad thing as I had not let the techies know...

I'll leave the response to the show for people to make their own comments...

My impression of people's response to the show was mixed.

For those who were not regular theatre goers, they really enjoyed it. Maybe this was the shock of the new.

For those who were regular attendees, the response proved muted. Certainly, there were moments which really worked, but as a whole it failed to gel.

I feel that I'd misplaced Chris's scene. This was clearly the strongest point (it even generated it's own round of applause tonight), but was so early in the show that it left the rest with a lot to live up to.

Too late to change this now.

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