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Thursday, February 10, 2005

2nd Rehearsal Proper 9/2/05

Head almost straight from work for this. Grab a couple of tapes that I've edited and the tape player as well as Emma's scarf which she left on Saturday night.

We meet at The Mill. It takes a while for everyone to gather, so while we're waiting, we play consequences. The stories that emerge are as follows (Not necessarily in this order):-

Underneath the Eiffel Tower Jesus & Margaret Thatcher meet at 2.37am. Their purpose? For the making of their new porn film. She asks "Are you having a good time?". He responds "What the hell are you on aboot? I don't understand". She retorts "Take me to bed or lose me forever". In the end the dog died. Shame

At a zoo in Timbuctoo Elijah Wood and The Queen meet at Cowboy Time - 9.50 (Ten to ten). They are having a picnic, and she says "Hello Big Boy". He responds "Wish it wasn't raining". She pleads "I love you!", then their hands joined as they wandered off into the bustling crowd.

In Zimbabwe Carl Fletcher met Marge Simpson at Noon. They were both lost. She attacks with "Why did you never tell me?" He says "But I like the pink one with feathers better". She huffs "In the cupboard!" They went to the co-op, got a bottle of coke, called for a film and went home to watch it.

In Warrington Harry Enfield met Julia Roberts at ten to one. They'd been writing postcards. She asks "Do you know where we are?" He responds "I fell asleep." She decides "Fair enough - off to Barnsley we go." Unfortunately, she choked on "A" Cherry.

On the moon, Bill Oddie met Grace Anderson at 9.46pm. He had received a message from a secret admirer. She, ever hard to get started with "That shirt looks crap with those shoes". He said "Last Tuesday, Muppet!" She could only say "Oh..." before they were both arrested for sexual harrassment!

In Blackpool, Wilson Brown met Kirsten Dunst at 2.35pm. He hated her, she was running awaaaay... Even so, she said "Did you bring the wine?" He, angry came back with "You dirty bitch!" She, cool as a cucumber retorted "You really need to stop swearing." They decided to go their separate ways, she got a job as a vet and kept lots of cats, he joined the circus.

In a treehouse, Lloyd Cole met Miss Piggy at twilight. They had to pick up some Houmous. She said "Do you have to do that?" He replied "I wanted water." Huffy, she said "Takes one to know one!" and they never saw each other again.

Then we moved onto the Ashfield building having collected everyone. Once there, we played bears and villagers. 3 people were bears, while the rest had to be villagers collecting berries in the forest. Once the bears enter the forest, the villagers have to freeze. The bears have to get them to move, but they cannot touch them. They have to make them corpse somehow. This game sped through quickly. Next time, I think only one bear will be required.

A warm up followed, consisting of massaging the shoulders, head and back. We then sat on each other, counted to 20 as a group and then started some tableau work. The 2 sets of tableau were based around two of the stories told at the weekend - Sidrah's tale of being Assaulted, and Raf's tale of nearly being Converted. I asked the groups (1x5 for Sidrah's and 1x4 for Raf's) to listen to the stories then form a triptych which focussed on the beginning, middle and end of the story. They took the following roles:-

Duncan - Raf
Emily - Raf's Girlfriend
Chris & Anne - Raf's Girlfriend's parents

Raf - A cinema goer
Nicki, Lucy, Becky & Amanda - Interchanged characters as Usher, Sidrah, Female Assaulter and her children.

After 15 minutes there was a show and tell. I got the Conversion story to be told twice, the second time with Raf commentating in French and clicking fingers when he wanted to move to the next tableau. This proved a highly interesting juxtaposition.

The next game fell on it's arse. Basically it was a nicked idea from who's line is it anyway? In it, a scene was decided on and a couple of people had to interact. At a random point a style would be thrown in, which was picked from the Favourite TV/Films accumulated on Sunday. On top of this, the quotes which were picked on Sunday would be randomly sent by text to the protagonists, who then had to interject them into the conversation. Doing this on the spot did not work, though. Will need to rethink if I play it again.

Finally came to Fiasco, a game which is difficult to describe. Me, Carl & Emma demonsrated it to the group first. Basically, it is a demonstration of how to stop 'overacting'. The person chosen goes to the back corner of the 'stage'. They walk to centre back, then come forward to centre stage front, all the while eyeballing the audience and maintaining a blank expression. Any member of the audience can call out Fiasco if they feel someone is putting on an 'Act', and not being genuine. It's a tough game, and people Fiasco'd in various ways as follows:-

Emma - tapping the toes of her feet.
Carl - moving the eyes abnormally.
Me - hiding my eyes behind the rims of my glasses/starting to smirk.
Duncan - first time was very camp.
Raf - Stared through people, rather than at them.
Anne - Corpsed both times, but played the game well.
Emily - Also very good... not sure what led to her being out.
Chris - Smirked
Lucy - Attitude/I'm too cool for this game.
Becky - Similar to Lucy initially, but second time totally changed when defenses were down.
Amanda - Didn't last long - corpsed.
Nicki - Despite saying she hated it, really good. Anger came across, coupled with crossed arms.

This went on for 45 minutes. Everyone, quite surprisingly seemed to enjoy it and some great breakthroughs were made. Retired to the bar. I asked Becky to come up with a story as she was going to miss the weekend.

She sent me an absolute beauty...

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